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We understand that getting in front of the camera can be intimidating. Rest assured, after working with us for a short time you will feel quite comfortable, and that's because we come to you LOADED with posing advice.  Our clients have told us that our ability to pose them and make them feel comfortable is our super-power, and there's a good reason for it.  We have studied it, a lot!  Known as an industry leader in posing and portrait direction, photographers from all over the nation have come to train with Gary at "The Summit" which he founded and co-taught with Thomas Nguyen and Stephanie Newbold.  Gary has also shot along with many fashion and commercial leaders including John Pyle, Craig Stidham, Shannon Bright, Tori Gaddis, Tara Rochelle, and True Moua, just to name a few.

For every session, we come fully prepared with tons of mini activities, games, and prompts to make your shoot feel carefree and fun! In fact, we're so good that even the men and toddlers have fun on our shoots, and that's sayin' something! We blend portraits with candid lifestyle shots to provide you a variety of poses and looks that is certain to please everyone's aesthetic!

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