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ABOUT durango family photography

As founder of DFP, everyone of my clients holds a special place in my heart. It is my goal to serve them the best I can, to make sure that when our time together is over I have empowered them and shown them something special about who they are. The real beauty of photographs isn't how glamerous you looked or how we managed to get the perfect expression. The real beauty is how we can freeze a specific instant of time, one moment that can show how amazing you are. That is what I want  for every one of you to feel empowered. To see yourself in a new way. To show you, through photographs, that you have the permission to love yourself.Unconditionally. To honor, accept, and celebrate your individuality and to tell the world, "This is me, and I am enough."


BEhind the lens

We absolutely love the creative side that photography has to offer, but what we love most is preserving authentic moments. Being a photographer gives the ability to transport you to a moment that you can relive over again. Capturing these moments is truly a gift. 

We photograph from our hearts which comes through in our work. We want to give you images that tell the story about  who you are, sharing your special day, highlighting the environment that surrounds you, and showcasing the real emotions you feel. We believe in capturing feeling.

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