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Get Your
Groove On

Event DJ Pricing $100 Setup and Takedown Fee 
$200 / Hr. (Four Hour Minimum) Book in conjunction with your photographer or Mobile Selfie Lounge for deeper discounts. 

Our DJ and lighting systems are the BEST in the industry and we're great at managing guests at your event in accordance with your timeline to make sure that your event goes as seemless as possible. Even better, when you book us as your DJ, we will be giving you timeline guidance to help you make the best plan for your guests enjoyment and also for helping your other vendors to provide the best service possible ( e.g. light availability for photographers - even if we aren't your photographer). 

  • I don't like getting my picture taken because I feel like I am awkward and don't know how to pose. Can you help?
    OMG, yes! Seriously... the first step is to let you kinda hang loose, shake it out, and get comfortable with me. If I was a super-hero, making people feel comfortable would totally be my super power. My second human super power is that I am patient! You won't feel pressured or like you're just another person on my to-do list for the day. Once you're comfortable, THEN I whip out tons of direction, and by the time you're done shooting with me you're going to know poses by the names I give them (many of which are based upon dance concepts and terms, such as "spotting" and "river and bridge"), and you're going to feel like a total P-R-O! I ALSO let you "see the back of my camera" a lot. This means I show you photos as we are shooting. This gives you an opportunity to see if you need to exaggerate a pose more, or to give positive or encouraging feedback if you need a little help executing the shot. Seriously, friend... we got this, and you're gonna look BOMB!
  • What happens if you get sick or injured and can’t photograph me?
    This has never happened. However, if it should happen, our contract dictates that we will first attempt to reschedule your shoot. If this impossible to do this, you will be photographed by one of our associate photographers who is of equal caliber.
  • What if I need to reschedule?
    We do not penalize you to reschedule, so long as we are available on your date. In some instances, if you need to reschedule to a date that Gary or Jenny is out of town, there will be fuel surcharge on your final balance due. This will be discussed prior to you having to reschedule.
  • How many photos will I get?
    We do not really quantify this number because it varies so much. For one thing, we shoot in continuous high mode, which shoots about 5 photos for every second we push the trigger. If you require a lot of direction and posing (which we love to do), that will decrease how often I am capturing images of you. All-in-all, we can honestly say that we have never had this complaint in all of the time shooting as photographers. Most galleries average around 300 images total, but this number can vary widely.
  • How long will it take to get my photos?
    We ask for 10 business days. Typically, the turn around time to get your photos is about a week. However, during the peak season of fall, this process can take closer to the full 10 business days simply because we don't have enough bandwidth via our Internet connection to upload the dramatic spike in images that we are producing. Before we share your gallery, your images go through a triple-backup system. We host your images and raw files on our cloud server, JPG files on our proofing software, and JPG/RAW files on our local RAID network. We also like to edit at least one photo (many times more) for your gallery, which works as an example of what our editing services are capable of.
  • Do I get the copyright to my photos?
    While we do not give up the copyright rights to our images, we do extend printing rights to your images that are full resolution. Most packages that we sell include printing rights in addition to the right to edit/filter our images to match your aesthetic without our prior approval or inspection. This means you can print what you want, wherever you want. Most photographers will not let you do this without you having to pay literally thousands of dollars. Just one more way DFP is the coolest photographer in town!
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