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All about retouching & editing

For many of our galleries, we present your images in two different formats, "Raw/Unfiltered" and "Filtered".  These are the same image, just processed differently to show you two different examples of what your photos can look like.  Sometimes the contrast is drastic, and at other times it is minimal.  The "raw" version is basically how we shot the image in camera, and uses true to life coloring.  The filtered version uses a custom preset developed by Gary that warms, brightens, and pronounces Earth tones, without having to sacrifice blue and green tones, which so many presets do.  You can read more about the differences and see examples of each here

Retouching Services

Most sessions include a $200 retouch credit.  This credit MUST be claimed within 30 days of the date that we send your gallery to you, and covers everything that we consider "retouching".  Retouching includes the following services:

  • Blemish Removal

  • Teeth Whitening

  • Stray "Flyaway" Hair Removal

  • Minor distraction removal (like a piece of trash on the ground near where you are posing)

  • Convert image(

Retouching services are billed at $20/photo, making your first 10 retouch selections free of charge!  Most customers do not need more than this amount of photos to be retouched.  We are always adjusting the colors and exposure in our camera's when we are shooting and constantly aim to prevent the need for advanced editing when photographing our clients.

Advanced Editing Services

In addition to basic retouching, we also offer "Advanced Editing Services" which includes everything in basic retouching plus the following:

  • Opening eyes

  • Headswaps

  • Background Distraction Removal (like cars in the background, etc.)

  • Body shaping (yes, we really can make you look 20 lbs. lighter)

  • Braces removal

  • Anything else not included in our "Retouching" services outlined above.

Our advanced editing services are billed at $40/photo and are *not* included with any session fee.

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