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All galleries enable clients to mark the photos as "favorites".  We can see what photos you mark as favorites.  You can use the favorites icon to mark the photos that you would like for us to retouch, or simply mark the photos that are your favorite!



For galleries that are particularly large (like Weddings), we allow our clients to add additional labels to their images.  The "hide" label allows you to hide photos and keep them private from the general public.  Only you will have access to the images you hide.  In addition to hiding photos, you can designate photos that you want to use for your album, hang on your walls, or even use generic labels like "Self Define A", "Self Define B", etc.  These labels exist solely for your ability to organize your images as you see fit.

Important: Even though we can see how you label your photos, we do not do anything with the images until you ask us to.  For example, if you label a photo as "Please Edit" we do not actually edit any of your photos until you have submitted a workorder.  When you are submitting your workorder, you can choose the option to "Edit Marked Photos" or "Edit Photos Marked as Favorites". 

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