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Our editing is probably one of the first things you might be drawn to, without even knowing it! We all have styles, colors, and a vibe we love when looking at photos. If you're searching for a photographer and you have landed here, you are most likely drawn to our photography style and we are thrilled!

Our edits focus on the colors and light that are "true-to-life" in the photos. We maintain skin textures when editing out blemishes, and use a very subtle method of what is called "dodge and burning" to give the subject a little "pop" from the background.  As masters of both natural and flash lit photography, we also shape light while we are shooting to ensure your images meet our creative vision!

Because we upload ALL of our photos into your online gallery (even the bloopers), we give you the autonomy to decide for yourself what images you would like us to retouch.  All of our sessions come with a retouching/editing credit that you will be able to use to select your edits.  As of Fall of 2022, all of your images, whether they are "edited" or not, will come to you both "RAW" format as well as a calibrated and filtered to match our look and style using our custom in-house developed preset called "Durango".  See examples of a "RAW" versus "Filtered" photo by clicking here.


Editing is a creative art form. We deliver all photos from the shoot, including the bloopers, but make sure to put our special touch on the edits you choose.

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