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Filtered vs. Unfiltered Photos

Remember those photos from the 80's with the blue backgrounds, big hair, and shoulder pads?  Think of the movie poster for Will Ferral's "Step Brothers" if you need us to jog your memory.  

There was a time when that look was THE look.  And that's great!  We support people getting their photos taken and capturing a moment (and a movement) in time.  However, that look is not one that is timeless.  Our approach in general is to always give our clients a look that will last for generations, and the style for how a photo is rendered can greatly affect that.  Right now, with a wave of Influencers posting across platforms such as Instagram, THE LOOK for today is this very brown, sepia, monochrome meets terracotta look.  We've posted an example of a lovely photo that licensed and downloaded from a different photographer.  There are no blue's in the sky, the color variation is "meh" and we just overall don't like how the photo was rendered.  We know that look is SO popular right now, but it just isn't us.  

In the effort to create the modern vibe that people want, along with honoring our "true-to-life" (aka timeless) approach, we created the "Durango" preset filter.

The "Durango" presets are custom built and developed to help enhance the Earth tones but still maintain normal looking skin tones, and keep skies looking blue and trees looking green.  The examples below show what a RAW vs. DURANGO FILTERED image look like.



When you login to your gallery, you will see that you have both "Unfiltered" and "Filtered" photos in your gallery.  This is just to allow you the opportunity to see a photo in two different ways.  You are welcome to like whichever version you prefer, and -- even better, the filtered photos are done for you for FREE!  Fun, huh?

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