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how to order cards from
Durango Family Photography

The video explains below how to order cards from your gallery system.  All of our cards are flat lay (not folded) cards that are double sided.  Cards can be customized to fit your personal preferences.  We have hundreds of options for each category: holiday, graduation, wedding, etc.

Commonly Asked Questions:

1. Can I use photos that are not in my gallery in addition to photos that are in my gallery?

Frequently, we are able to accommodate this request for you.  You will have to have a digital version of the file, and you need to own printing/copyright to the image(s).  To upload these photos, please submit a workorder and upload the images on section 3 of the work order form.

2. I would prefer a folded card option.  Is this available?

We can do this for you, however, templates are limited, turn around time is longer, and the cost is significantly higher.  Please submit a workorder to let us know that you're interested in having a folded card option, and we will be happy to contact you and help develop the truly perfect card.

3. Do I have to use a template?

No way, Jose!  You can create your own custom version.  Choose a landscape or portrait oriented card, add custom foil overlay, and voila!  You'll be on your way to creating a beautiful custom card that is all your own!

4. Not all of my photos that I want to use from my gallery are loading.  Can you help?

This is a known issue that we are working on resolving.  If this happens to you, please submit a workorder  and let us know the file name(s) of the photos you would like to use for your card.  We will copy the photos into a new album within your gallery to ensure that the photo(s) you want to use are readily available.  Please allow 24 hours for this to be completed.

5. How do I upload all of my addresses into the system for printing on to envelopes?

The best way to do this is by uploading a CSV file.  You need to have a columns for Name, Address, City, ST, ZIP.  You can create a CSV file from Excel, Google Sheets, or even a Text file.  If you would like to download a template for this formatting please click here.

6. Are there Holiday cutoff dates that I need to be aware of?

Production time for cards can last up to five (5) business days, and can not be rushed.  Ground service from the mid-west and Mountain areas of the country generally vary between 3-5 business days.  You should submit your order no later than ten (10) business days before you would like to mail your cards.

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